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English Tutoring Program (ETP) - Online

In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, volunteers help schoolchildren with their English studies. Nationwide


Classes are too big for pupils to receive individual attention. Many fall behind in their studies, especially in English. Those whose parents can afford it, receive help from private tutors. But not everyone has access to such extra support, and it is often those who need it most who must go without. We provide children with free Online English tutoring from English speaking tutors who need no experience or qualification, just the desire to assist!

ESRA ETP approved by Ministry of Education

Target Audience

Pupils – primary, secondary and high school


Reducing learning gaps and establishing distance learning


Two hours a week each, during the School year


10 years of proven success in improving academic achievement
87% improvement in self-confidence and motivation to learn
82% of students significantly improved their grades


Tutors nationwide, choose the type of school where they want to volunteer that is close to where they live