Active since 1979, ESRA is a non-profit organization with a difference. Our mission is two-fold: We help each other, and we help others. Ultimately that means being actively involved agents of change for the betterment of Israeli society. Originally established as a self-help organization, ESRA aimed at creating an active social and cultural community that would help English-speaking immigrants acclimate to life in Israel. This soon branched out to helping other waves of immigrants, from Russians to Ethiopians, and finally to helping any needy sector of Israeli society. And talk about acclimating into society… what better way than volunteering in the community to help others.


Today Israel's largest English-speaking volunteering organization, ESRA has several thousand members in 20 branches from Nahariya to Eilat, and is run by some 1300 volunteers, augmented by a small administrative staff. Our volunteers help organize activities, run ESRA's management committees, work in the office or in our various charity shops, deliver the ESRAmagazine, tutor schoolchildren in English, and engage in a wide range of other volunteering activities in ESRA's numerous education and welfare projects.


ESRA is a pluralistic organization. It is has no religious or political affiliation, and respects everyone's needs. We are totally supported by donations through fundraising drives and membership dues, as well as by proceeds from our secondhand shops. We are proud that our projects are backed by proven success and are funded together with strategic partners. And we keep our running expenses to a uniquely low minimum.


Each of our members makes ESRA the multi-faceted organization that it is. And each member knows that while they are enjoying ESRA activities, they are also helping meet the needs of Israel's disadvantaged. ESRA and founder/honorary president, Merle Guttman, have received numerous awards, including the President's Award for Volunteering, for contributions to Israeli society and immigrant absorption.

For nearly 40 years ESRA has been aiding the integration of countless immigrants while enhancing the lives of thousands of needy Israeli families.

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