חנויות יד שנייה למען הקהילה Picki by ESRA

At the ESRA shops for the community you'll find excellent clothing for women, men and children, including fashion labels from leading Israeli and international stores. You'll find designer clothes, Israeli and European vintage, sportswear, and a range of accessories – shoes, belts, jewelry, and scarves. But that's not all!
You'll also find houseware – specialty items, 70s record players and vinyl records, pictures, frames, and small vintage furniture. And there's still more…
Browse the selection of children's books and games and… lots more surprises. All at incredibly tempting prices!

The Raanana shop is operated by volunteers, an international blend of students, and special needs individuals. They're there to help you with a happy smile to find anything you might be looking for, to suggest what dress would be great on you, or what fabulous item has just arrived.

ESRA shops recycle 100% of their received contributions, and serve as a social welfare venue for residents of all ages.

Income from the shops goes toward supporting ESRA community projects aimed at closing educational and socio-economic gaps in Israeli society.

Received with Love

Received with Love

Donations door is open 24/7

We're happy to receive women's, men's and children's (age 8+) clothing. In order to sell what you bring, please make sure it is in good condition, with no stains or holes.
We are also happy to receive specialty kitchenware, antiques, special pictures, records, record players, small furniture, and children's books and games.
Please do NOT bring underwear, socks, bedding, electrical items, plastic kitchenware, or pots and pans.

We thank you with all our heart for your generous contributions!

איך מגיעים



Sunday - Thursday
Tuesday, & Friday 09:30-13:30
29 Hanegev St. Ra'anana, near the Elram parking

By car? On WAZE, enter Picki by ESRA, Raanana. When arriving at destination, turn left toward the Elram building car park and immediately right to the store, which will be on your left.

On foot? When you reach 29 Negev St. turn left into the Elram parking lot, and right into the shopping complex.

Kfar Saba


Sunday - Thursday
Tuesday, & Friday 09:30-13:30
45 Rothschild Blvd., Kfar Saba

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