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Education and Welfare Community Projects
The project operates by creating a vibrant and cohesive young community committed to meaningful action. In exchange for an annual scholarship, our students mentor groups of children from elementary schools in underprivileged neighborhoods, initiate community activities, and enrich neighborhood life. 
ESRA ETP, in partnership with the Israel Ministry of Education, promotes English academic achievements and offers English speakers the opportunity to become a contributing part of Israeli society.
Financial assistance to students from their third year of studies. Nationwide
Through therapeutic animal interaction, 15 children with behavioral problems learn to communicate and acquire tools for success at the Kibbutz Magal riding and animal therapy center, Hadera, and surroundings.
Early childhood experts work in kindergartens in the socio-economic periphery, helping 50 children prepare for first grade both educationally and emotionally. Netanya
Professional music instruction for 20 teenagers to help develop their musical talents. Netanya
Professional training in seweing for 18 adults in two community centers in Netanya
In partnership with SYL and in accordance with the UN model, 25 8th-9th grade students are trained to become ambassadors of Sderot through debating
Acquaintance with theatre, acting and plays to form a communal theater group for 15 mentally challenged adults at Enosh Center in Ramat Hasharon
Remedial teaching and special enrichment programs are provided in an afterschool welfare center in Modiin, to 15 schoolchildren who live under difficult home conditions that affect their wellbeing.
Weekly theater class for 24 schoolchildren at the Moria and Pitango Afterschool Welfare Center in Rehovot
Helping  schoolchildren from Russia and Ukraine improve their Hebrew and strengthen their social skills in Akko  
The Neve Zeev Community Center’s garden has become an English-speaking learning environment for children from local elementary schools.  Beer Sheva
Weekly animal therapy and fun in the park for 10 children attending a special kindergarten for autistic children, in Tiberias
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