ESRA Rehovot Branch has been active for 30 years and has a long history of organizing lectures that are interesting, eclectic and often challenging to its audience.  Pre-COVID 19, when we were able to meet, we met not only for talks but also musical events and a successful wine-tasting evening.  We also arranged outings to regional points of interest, often with shared transportation for comfort and economy. These included museums in Rishon LeZion, Holon, Ashdod, Or Yehuda, Palmachin, and Rehovot. But not just art and archaeology --we also visited the Volcani Research Institute, Shafdan Wastewater Treatment plant, Nesher in Ramle, and a boutique winery. Post-COVID we have visited the Khan museum in Sha’ar HaGai , ANU and Steinhardt in Tel Aviv, and the Design Museum Holon. The outings are popular and well-attended – come join in other trips that we are planning.  

Although the unexpected and unprecedented COVID pandemic altered our traditional modus operandi, it provided us with the opportunity to expand our audience and guest speakers to all parts of the country (and world) and has enabled participation of members with limited mobility or constraints on attending evening events. The ESRA Rehovot Branch continues to exploit the ZOOM framework for our monthly lectures. Our aspiration is to present a diversified program, often inviting speakers from universities and research institutes near and far. This is also our way to continue raising funds for our local and national projects.

This year we have instituted a monthly get-together at the Café Dafna bakery. This congenial and casual setting gives members and friends a chance to meet and chat.

At present, ESRA Rehovot has one long-going project specifically within the city.  We have adopted two of the “Moadoniot”, after school clubs for children. Thanks to this project we have been able to enrich the quality of life as well as providing “extras” like holiday and birthday presents and outings for the children. In addition, we participate in ESRA national programs such as the English Tutoring Program (ETP) including  Chat Away.

ESRA Rehovot hopes to continue and expand our stimulating, educational and entertaining offerings. Want to help organize and decide where we go and what events we offer? Have ideas about additional projects in our community? We want to hear from ESRA Rehovot members and welcome friends and supporters. Come join us and share in the camaraderie. You would also be active in a national organization that does so much to enrich and improve the lives of those less fortunate. 

Sharon Levisohn | 052 3322144 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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