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Events & Activities

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Savannah Kids - Saving The Magic Castle

Wednesday, 31 May 2023 at 17:00

HaMishkan Music and Arts Center, Hapalmach St. 2א, Raanana

ESRA members NIS 20 | Non-members NIS 30


ESRA Family Fun Time

A princess lives in a magic castle. Every thing she asks for the castle provides.

She takes and takes and takes, until one day the castle stops delivering her needs, and the world around her plunges into darkness! She rides her unicorn into the enchanted forest in search of light, and a way to restore the castle’s power.

Along the way the princess meets an array of characters who live in the forest: A comical worm, The Spider of Second Chances and The Queen of the Fairies. Through her interaction with each character she eventually begins to understand that she needs to treat her surroundings with deeper consideration: To give more and take less.

Together with the audience, the princess witnesses firsthand the consequences of neglecting the planet, but also discovers the joys and wonders of living in harmony with nature.

Filled with colourful characters, engaging songs, valuable lessons about the importance of protecting the environment and conserving natural resources, “Saving the Magic Castle" is filled with memorable moments. This thrilling performance will inspire children of all ages to become stewards of the earth and protectors of the environment.

Will the princess manage to restore The Magic Castle back to it’s former glory before it’s lost forever? Join Savannah Kids to find out on this unforgettable adventure!

The materials used in the creation of the sets and costumes for this performance were created from recycled clothing and discarded fabrics. It is an environmentally friendly, sustainable production!

The performance takes place in English and Hebrew. It is appropriate for Hebrew speakers who are learning English, and native English speakers.

Written by Savannah Zwi
Original Music by Phil Marks and Savannah Zwi
All sets and props designed and created by Savannah Zwi
Artistic consultant: Michal Svironi
Translation: Orit Binderman

Duration of show: Approximately 1 hour
Approprated for children ages 3-8.
Tickets required for children and adults. 

About Savannah Kids:

Savannah Kids-Musical Theatre in an artistic wonderland.
Savannah Zwi is a musician, artist, and entertainer.

Savannah Kids productions spur on the creative spirit in children, encouraging them to use their imaginations and giving them a sense of well-being and joy in the world.
Stories are brought to life with handmade puppets and props, original music, and inventive storytelling. They promote good values and finding inspiration in daily life.
The Savannah Kids experience aims to entertain, bond, and delight young families.

Savannah Kids website:

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