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Events & Activities

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Jewish Genetics during 5783 years (and into 2023 CE)

Sunday, 16 April 2023 at 19:30

Mercaz Hadarim, Reali School, Kiryat Sefer 25, Haifa, Haifa

ESRA members 35 NIS | Non-members 50 NIS

ESRA Haifa Branch

Professor Jesse Lachter lecture: Jewish Genetics during 5783 years, ( and into 2023 CE): Personalized, Predictive, Participatory, Precision, and Preventive (P5) Medicine.

Born in New York 1955. Made aliya in 1979. Worked at Rambam Hospital for 32 years. Clinical Associate Prof of Medicine (ret.) – Technion. Currently working for Kupat Cholim Meuhedet as Regional Head Gastroenterologist, and “privately” and for Insurance Companies Phoenix, Menora, Clal, Migdal, Harel.

Active endoscopist (doing procedures weekly at Elisha Hospital)
Member of ESRA
Married to Noga, 4 kids, 8 grandchildren, all, thank G-d, living in Israel.
President of Bridges for Hope-Tikkun Olam organization, including teaching Torah for 15 years.
Book of Proverbs then book of Daniel in English during 2022 

Main foci:
-        Preventive medicine - especially of colon and pancreatic cancers
-        Quality of medical care

Current projects: Artificial Intelligence to improve endoscopy, Onepass new medical device

The lecture will start at 20.30. You are invited to arrive at 20.00 for refreshments and to mingle. The lecture is scheduled to take 30-40 minutes, after which Professor Lachter will take questions from the audience.

For those joining via Zoom, an invitation will be sent to your email address once your payment has been processed.
Following the lecture, a Zoom link to the recording will be available.

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