ESRA Projects in Haifa

  • English Tutoring Program (ETP)

    In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, volunteers help schoolchildren with their English studies. Nationwide

  • Learning Strategies

    Development of thinking and study skills among youth diagnosed with learning difficulties. Kfar Hasidim

  • Preparation for Matriculation Tests

    Professional tutoring in core subjects. Haifa 

  • Befriending

    Volunteers visit the elderly, helping them socially and culturally. Nationwide

  • Professional Counselling Services

    Individual meetings, at subsidized cost, for English speakers dealing with trauma and life's challenges. The service is also available by telephone. Supervised by Professor Claire Rabin. Nationwide

  • Scholarship Fund

    Financial assistance to students, from their second year of studies. Nationwide

  • Welfare Fund

    Financial support provided to families in times of crisis. Nationwide

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