Sunny Marshansky

"I have a dream" were the words once said by Martin Luther King. ESRA  has a dream too: to create a better tomorrow for Israeli society and I'm proud and privileged to be a part of that dream.

Seeing tears fill the eyes of a volunteer on reading "Couldn't succeed without you" written by a child, feeling a mother's hug of gratitude for a donated Shabbat dinner, and sharing the excitement with an student graduating as a lawyer, are only some of the things that drive me “to want, be and do more”.

We focus our work both on running education and welfare projects for those less fortunate, and on providing a wide spectrum of social and cultural activities. Through these projects and programs, we are building sustainable volunteer value and growth for our ESRA English speaking members.

ESRA is a dynamic, a pluralist and a learning organization led by values of professionalism and humanity. We are continually constructing appropriate facilities and creating the best opportunities for others, while keeping administration costs to a minimum.

Based on our Strategy Plan 2019 and leveraging on our core capabilities and strengths, we are moving forward, to expand our community projects nationwide and to develop ESRA's next generation.

We also seek to support immigrants from English speaking countries prior to their aliya. Our newly established ESRA UK is the first step in our goal of becoming a global NGO, to empower and enrich Israeli society.

As we look ahead, I encourage you to join us today. Let's talk 052 993 4277  | Linkedin | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sunny Marshansky