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ESRA Projects in Netanya

  • Students Build a Community

    A long-term project whereby students are provided housing in disadvantaged neighborhoods, and in return each student devotes a set number of weekly hours to tutoring and mentoring a group of local schoolchildren and becomes a social activist in the community.

  • ESRA/Shapiro Skateboarding

    Providing disadvantaged children a sport, a skill, discipline training and self-confidence. Following regular attendance, the children are gifted skateboard equipment at the end of the year. 

  • English Tutoring Program (ETP)

    In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, over 300 ESRA volunteers help schoolchildren in some 90 elementary, junior high and high schools throughout the country with their English studies.

  • Programs of Excellence ‎

    A bi-annual course for high-potential youth from disadvantaged populations, providing educational enrichment in biology, physics, chemistry, marine science and ecology, along with life skills and leadership training.

  • Journey to Identity

    Helping Israeli teenagers of Ethiopian descent face their identity crisis, a course in leadership, patriotism, Zionism and heritage, ends with a visit to Ethiopia.    

  • Volume Music Center

    Professional music instruction for disadvantaged youths to help develop their musical skills and strengthen their exposure to and connection with Israeli music culture.

  • Afternoon Learning Center

    Supporting the center by providing a warm and healthy meal for children.

  • Learning & Arts Center

      An after-school center offering assistance with homework and creative activities in art and drama.

  • Right Track Centers

    An after-school center providing educational and social enrichment for youth at risk.

  • First Steps

    Early childhood experts  work in a kindergarten and concentrate on the children about to start school, helping prepare them for first grade and closing educational gaps. 

  • Computer Centers

    Teaching computer skills, including Internet and social networks, to children, youth and adults in disadvantaged neighborhoods.   

  • Ethnic Dance project

    Teaching ethnic dancing to young Israeli children of Ethiopian descent, helps them connect with their heritage and customs. 

  • Befriending

    Volunteers visit the elderly, helping them socially and culturally.

  • Hand in Hand Food Pantry

    With the help of children and volunteers, food packages are distributed monthly to the needy and handicapped. 

  • Crisis Welfare Assistance

    Financial support is provided to families in times of crisis, subject to the Fund's criteria.

  • Emotional support & Counseling Service

    Individual meetings, at subsidized cost, for English speakers dealing with trauma and life's challenges. The service is also available by telephone.

  • Bayit Cham

    A warm home-away-from-home for girls at risk, provides a safe haven during afterschool hours, including a hot lunch, emotional support by a professional therapist, and educational assistance.

  • Knitting Circles

    ESRA volunteers knit sweaters, scarves and gloves for the winter months for needy children throughout Israel.

  • Sewing Centers

    Provide Ethiopian adults with sewing skills, including sewing machines, fabric, professional instruction, and a social venue.

  • SBC Scholarship Fund

    From their second year on the project, students can receive extra assistance in the form of a scholarship in return for additional weekly hours of volunteering in the community.

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