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ESRA Projects in Rishon Lezion 

  • English Tutoring Program (ETP)

    In cooperation with the Ministry of Education, over 300 ESRA volunteers help schoolchildren in some 90 elementary, junior high and high schools throughout the country with their English studies.

  • Journey to Identity

    Helping Israeli teenagers of Ethiopian descent face their identity crisis, a course in leadership, patriotism, Zionism and heritage, ends with a visit to Ethiopia.    

  • Moadonit Rishon Lezion ‎

    Children at risk enjoy weekly drumming, arts and crafts activities, birthday celebrations and special events.

  • Students Mentoring Schoolchildren

    University students mentor 4th-6th grade children at risk in exchange for scholarships.

  • Befriending

    Volunteers visit the elderly, helping them socially and culturally.

  • Crisis Welfare Assistance

    Financial support is provided to families in times of crisis, subject to the Fund's criteria.

  • Emotional support & Counseling Service

    Individual meetings, at subsidized cost, for English speakers dealing with trauma and life's challenges. The service is also available by telephone.

  • Rishon Lezion Knitting

    ESRA volunteers work for the benefit of others in a social setting, knitting sweaters and scarves for needy children.

  • Scholarship Fund

    Assistance for students, from their third year of studies, according to the Fund's criteria.

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