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Welfare Projects


No one is exempt from life's hardships, but some are more capable of dealing with them, either on their own or by enlisting help. Immigrants, especially those from distressed countries, and others, may find themselves in temporary crisis due to ill health or unemployment, crises that could be overcome through financial aid. ESRA funds are earmarked for welfare projects with proven success. Each project we initiate and run is in cooperation with a local authority. 



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Please donate generously and warm the hearts of those in need!

You can make a donation to ESRA:

  • In memory of a loved one
  • To celebrate a birthday or anniversary
  • To say thank you
  • or just because you want to help
20,000 immigrant and disadvantaged families have been assisted by ESRA in the areas of education, welfare and employment. We continue to initiate and operate projects meeting the needs of the disadvantaged, handicapped and victimized in our country. ESRA also supports Excellence. Courses and scholarships help gifted students who have shown motivation and ability to succeed despite economic hardships.

Your donation will be used directly to help the children, adults and families who benefit from the many projects and enrichment programmes that ESRA has initiated in the community together with governmental and municipal agencies. Click here to find out more about our projects in the community.

You can include ESRA in your Wills and Bequests - click on this link to read more http://www.esra.org.il/wills-and-bequests


To donate on-line with your credit card – please fill in the required details on the form below and click the Submit button. You will then be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction. The office will contact you if you do not have a PayPal account.


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