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Learning & Arts Center


An after-school center offering assistance with homework and creative activities in art and drama.


The Problem

Many younger children (6-8 year olds) do not have structured activities in their area. Parents ‎are generally working and children come home from school with nothing to do and no supervision. They don’t do ‎homework on their own, and spend their time in an unstructured and potentially harmful street ‎community.‎

The Solution

An afternoon center for 1st to 3rd grade children to help them with homework, and provide ‎a structured environment of fun learning activities such as art and drama, helping them develop ‎their creativity while giving them personal care and attention.‎

The Method

Twice a week, children at the center are taught visual arts, ‎music and drama in addition to receiving help with homework. With an emphasis on ‎personal attention, volunteers, National Service soldiers and professional teachers ‎work with small groups to ensure that each child gets the required attention. School subject enrichment through games and arts awaken children's curiosity and desire to learn. Once a ‎month parents are invited to participate in and help with new ideas and activities.‎


‎‎40 children divided into two main groups of 20 children each according to age and grade.‎


Sela neighborhood, Netanya.

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