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Bayit Cham

A warm home-away-from-home for teenage girls at risk providing a hot lunch, social activities and English tutoring. Netanya


In distressed neighborhoods, home life is often characterized by overcrowding and noise. Siblings typically share space without a quiet corner for homework or a private space for socializing; hence they often take to the streets. Add to this parents who, of necessity, work and you have unsupervised children in less than ideal circumstances. A safe, supportive environment can help the girls enjoy quiet time or socialize, receive a hot meal, help with schoolwork, and turn to a trustworthy adult with their problems or questions.


Provide a hot home meal. 
Provide enrichment activities supporting the existing activities.

Success factors

80% like the homemade hot meals.
75% feel the activities help them improve in their studies.


Sunday-Thursday from 13:00-18:00 throughout the year

Target Audience

24-28 Ethiopian girls ages 13-17


82% of the girls come regularly.
92% feel that the tutoring contributes to their success in school, 
90% feel that the food is warm and homey. 


Nordau, Netanya

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