Cinema Club presents The Return of the Violin

Cinema Club presents The Return of the Violin

ESRA Cinema Club

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Monday 6 July | available all day


The Return of the Violin

Directed by Haim Hecht and Produced by Roy Mandel


A rare Stradivarius violin of a gifted child from Czestochova, Poland - Bronislaw Huberman - tells a world-wide story of Jewish heroes who faced the Nazis.


During the 1930s, when Hitler was establishing his grip on power, he expelled Jewish intellectuals, writers, poets and musicians from Germany. Following the Nuremberg Laws in 1935, as the situation become more precarious for Jewish musicians, Bronislaw Huberman - one of the most prominent violinists of the twentieth century - gathered those musicians in an effort to establish an Israeli orchestra.

Zygmunt Roulette, who survived the horrors of the Nazis in Czestochowa, tells the story of the establishment of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, a story which is interwoven with the experiences of Bronislaw Huberman, Reinhard Heydrich, Joseph Goebbels, Arturo Toscanini and Albert Einstein. The movie is accompanied by the celestial music of Joshua Bell. 

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Event Date Monday 06 Jul 2020
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Location Raanana
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