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ESRA Computer Centers provide free access to computers and innovative instruction in computer skills for underprivileged children, youth and adults helping to close the cultural and educational gap.


A new ESRA Branch in Yokneam was formed in April 2015 reaching out to all English speakers in the area, both recent arrivals and vatikim who might be interested in joining an English speaking group.

Planned activities include regular talks and other social meetings, occasional trips to places of interest, brunch in attractive cafes in the locale, special interest clubs such as scrabble, mah-jong, bridge, knitting, book exchange, crafts etc.

The group will also work towards setting up groups of volunteers to help students with English in local schools, and other suitable volunteering opportunities.

Weekly Hebrew Small Talk Wednesday evenings Beginners and Advanced groups - come and enjoy the coffee, conversation and gossip - all in Hebrew - call Mimi 052-564 2174.

Mah Jong - Meets every week at the home of Grace Sadowsky.

Lectures - During the 2015/6 season a series of lectures were held on a variety of topics.

Monthly Brunches - In October 2016 we held our first Social Brunch aimed to meet together over coffee and whatever and get to know each other.

Volunteer Tutoring Opportunities in local schools
  • Tutoring in English, or helping with another subject such as art, computers, Spanish, gifted children, math, etc.
  • Possible in 1 of the following 4 schools:

     1)  Plagim - elementary school at Hazorea
     2)  Omarim - elementary school near Kibbutz Ein Hashofet
     3)  Megiddo  - middle/senior high school near Kibbutz Ein Hashofet
     4)  Keshet HaTikva -  mixed secular/religious elementary school located at Elyakim: this is a challenging
          place with 120 children from the area.

Please contact Elissa at 052-399 0566  or

Branch Chair: Mimi Semuha 052-564-2174

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