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Art Lectures at TAMA - Thursday Series #7

Art Lectures at TAMA - Thursday Series #7

ESRA COLLEGE ‎ at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art 2018/19 Series

Lecture & guided tour #4‎ 10:00 – 12:30‎

 ‎Thursday, 23 May 2019     

Lecture #7    -  The New Objectivity: German art between world wars

The New Objectivity was a movement in German art that arose during the 1920s as a ‎reaction against expressionism.

Artists such as Otto Dix, Max Beckmann and George Grosz, ‎rejected the self-involvement and romantic longings of the expressionists. The term ‎characterized the attitude of public life in Weimar Germany, and ceased to exist in 1933 with ‎the rise of the Nazis to power.‎

 The Thursday series may start with either the lecture or the guided tour.‎

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Event Date Thursday 23 May 2019
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Location Tel Aviv

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