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No one is exempt from life's hardships, but some are more capable of dealing with them, either on their own or by enlisting help. Immigrants, especially those from distressed countries, and others, may find themselves in temporary crisis due to ill health or unemployment, crises that could be overcome through financial aid. ESRA funds are earmarked for welfare projects with proven success. Each project we initiate and run is in cooperation with a local authority. 



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Financial aid for a student or researcher conducting research in English on some aspect of "Volunteering in Israel"

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Showing our best Israeli faces and spirit, 100 ESRA volunteers helped in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest from host country Israel by acting as ‘greeters’ to foreign visitors.

The event had been advertised as a "Spectacular Day Out"… and was it ever!

We are excited to share ESRA’s Annual Report for 2018.

Tremendously popular bookshop offering recent bestsellers and children’s and youth books in English and Hebrew

...a group of Israeli youngsters of Ethiopian origin, aged 15 to 16, on a “Masa – Journey to Identity” visit.

Students are trained to be 'ambassadors' representing their city of Sderot,

The Annual ESRA Scholarship Award Event took place in November 2017 

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