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Citizen Rights Center - Sderot

Free consultation for Ethiopian immigrants by a member of their community helps them claim their rights and trains new Ethiopian volunteers to help.

The Problem

Members of the Ethiopian community often don’t know their social rights and, even when they do, are usually too polite to demand them.

The Solution

Cooperation with the Mezah Center for Social Rights in offering counseling to the Ethiopians in Sderot by a member of their community, who assesses their rights while training new Ethiopian volunteers to help with future counseling needs. The Mezah Center for Social Rights aims to advance the social rights of the residents of Sderot. It works to promote the social rights of the city's residents, while training local residents as activists in the fields of community rights and organization and turning them into advocates on behalf of their fellow citizens.

The Method

ESRA employs, together with Mezah, a social worker who assesses the Ethiopian community and finds volunteers who are trained at the Sapir College to become social rights counselors for the community.  ESRA and Mezah have an office in the Ethiopian center and also provide an attorney to help with legal issues. 


Members of the Ethiopian Community in Sderot, not availing themselves of the Mezah Center services.



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