Project of the Month

These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

Give an ESRA Gift!

ESRA has many ideas for gifts including:
- items using Ethiopian designs - notelets, boxed gift cards and coasters;
- perpetual calendar 'Memory Keeper'
- books and cookbooks;
- or the gift of ESRA Membership to friends or family in Israel
- or the gift of an ESRA Magazine Subscription to friends or family abroad .
Funds raised through the sales of ESRA gifts are directly used to aid ESRA's various projects in the community and ensures that the people who need it get the help they deserve .

To purchase items please contact the following:
Herzliya: ESRA Gan Rashal - 09-950 8371
Raanana: ESRA Beit Fisher - 09-748 2957
Modiin: Jackie -
Zichron Yaakov: Marion -