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ESRA Computer Centers provide free access to computers and innovative instruction in computer skills for underprivileged children, youth and adults helping to close the cultural and educational gap.


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Rationale: To provide English speakers living in Israel access to programs on community services, people of interest, ESRA news, events and current affairs, in the English language.

ESRAvision is the highly innovative, popular, and informative Community TV program shown weekly on cable and satellite TV in Israel. Its objective is to produce video programs in English to broaden and extend the knowledge of English speakers about many aspects of life in Israel and help them to become more active in the civic, social, and cultural life of the State.

 Click here to see the current ESRAvision programme on You Tube - a 4 minute clip about the Students Build a Community program in Netanya


ESRA volunteers are trained to do Community TV program production (new courses are held periodically), and funds are raised for the purchase of equipment and supplies, and for the cost of production of the films.  ESRAvision programs are broadcast in English throughout Israel by HOT and YES, and throughout the Middle East via METV.
ESRAvision programs give viewers an general picture of life in Israel as well as articles on ESRA's specific projects in the community and other activities.

EsraVision_filming.jpgThese programs, although aimed at the English speaking population, also attract immigrants from non-English speaking countries such as the F.S.U, Ethiopia and India, as well as veteran Hebrew-speaking Israelis.

ESRAvision Programs developed by ESRA volunteers include the following categories - Community projects, Arts (music, dance, theater), ESRA projects, sports, profiles of personalities, books & authors, hobbies/leisure, professions, health and more.  Programs change every four weeks.


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Join Our Team in Community TV Production

ESRAvis_Course_Feb_09.jpgIf you are interested in learning the techniques involved in producing a half hour programme, whether your interests are journalistic, creative, dramatic, technical or administrative, whether you’re an experienced movie maker, or have never got further than thinking that movie-making might be fun, our group has something to offer you.

For many years, regular meetings were held every two weeks.
If there is an interest activity could start up again.


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