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These programs allow talented underprivileged teenagers to fulfill their potential by providing them with a challenging program of enrichment and leadership training at the Ruppin Institute of Marine Science. Talented 7th graders from all backgrounds of Israeli society in the lower socio-economic levels are chosen - programs run for 2 years.

ESRA Trip to the Jerusalem Biennale

ESRA Trip to the 3rd Jerusalem Biennale

Biennale 2017's title is Watershed 
Watershed as a geological term examines water, streams and rivers that split and converge — it can also be used as a metaphor to help us think about ourselves and the way we split and converge as individuals and groups or can represent a moment of important change.‎

This year’s Biennale hosts 25 exhibitions and projects from all around the world and will explore all of these aspects and more with over 200 artists from Israel, Europe, the US, Russia and even India‎

‎We will have a 2½ hrs guided tour through the main venue of the Jerusalem Biennale, ‎including a 30 minute meeting with one of the artists

Picnic Lunch (Bring your own)‎ in the Gazelle Valley Park

Emek Hatzvaim is an urban park located in the heart of the city, home to a herd of gazelles, plentiful flora and fauna, ponds, streams, walking trails, biking ‎paths, ‎ and plenty of places to sit and relax

NB This trip involves a lot of standing!‎

All ESRA trips are only suitable for participants who are in good health and do not need assistance


‎07:20  Beit Yehoshua Train Station
‎07:50  Ra'anana: opposite Ahuzat Bayit on Derech Ha'park   ‎
08:40  Tel Aviv: Arlosoroff Train Station– just before the main Station entrance ‎
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ESRA Beit Fisher
09-748 2957
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