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ESRA Raanana Course with Yudit Weil 'Anti-Semitism: the Mutating Virus'

ESRA Raanana presents

A new course with Yudit Weil M.A.


This course will be reviewing the history of Anti-Semitism, looking at the ‎sociological, economic, religious, political and psychological aspects of it in order ‎to get a better understanding of the issue.‎

Four sessions on Tuesdays in March 2017 14:00 - 16:00

Yudit, an experienced lecturer in Jewish studies, was born in Jerusalem. After the IDF she moved to ‎London, where she studied Jewish Studies at University College London and Jews College.  She was head ‎of Jewish studies at the North London Collegiate School, and lectured in adult education programs at the ‎Spiro Institute, the London School of Jewish Studies and the London Jewish Museum.  ‎
  • 7 March: ‎    Religious Anti-Semitism: Attitudes towards Jews from ancient times.  ‎Roman scholars and Church fathers writings formed the basis for the ‎legal status of Jews in medieval Europe.  How did Jews survive crusades, ‎expulsions, blood libels and religious disputations?  ‎
  • 14 March:‎    Did they have it better in Islamic lands? Attitude towards Jews ‎according to the Koran and in practice
  • 21 March:‎    Rise of Secular and Racial anti-Semitism in Western Europe. 19th ‎century Germany; The Enlightenment in France and Germany; out of the ‎ghettos.  Tsarist Russia;  life in the Pale of Settlement and beyond; anti-‎Jewish riots; pogroms, ‎
  • 28 March:‎   Secular Anti-Semitism Central Europe in the 20th century - The ‎Protocol of the Elders of Zion, the Dreyfus Affair, Germany in post-‎WWI leading to the rise of Nazism; Post-WWII - Is Anti-Zionism Anti-Semitism?‎

Cost: For the whole Course: ‎    NIS 220; ‎    ESRA members NIS 180‎

Per Session:‎ NIS 60; ‎    ESRA members NIS 50 ‎


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