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ESRA Raanana Cinema Club 'Week 23'

Event Date and Time: 
25 October, 20:00

ESRA Raanana Audrey Goodman Cinema Club


"WEEK 23"‎
WEEK 23 is a gentle, compassionate film made by director Ohad Milstein. His wife ‎Rahel is pregnant with twins. In her 23rd week, Rahel learns that one of the fetuses died ‎in utero. The medical staff say that there is a high chance that the surviving fetus will be ‎born with severe brain damage or other disabilities. They are unanimous in their ‎recommendation to terminate the pregnancy.‎

This presents the couple with a critical dilemma. Should they really end the pregnancy ‎by aborting the surviving fetus?‎

Clinging only to faith and her maternal instincts, Rahel, the daughter of a Swiss bishop, ‎confronts everyone around her over the right of her surviving fetus to live, regardless of ‎how perfect or imperfect it is.‎

Director Ohad Milstein will speak after the showing.‎

Limited seating - reserve early  ‎


Yad Lebanim
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ESRA Beit Fisher
09-748 2957
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