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ESRA Karmiel hosts Lt. Col. Peter Lerner

ESRA Karmiel

Peter Lerner, Keynote Speaker, Public Relations Expert and Social Media Specialist

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"In the trenches with Television, Twitter and the Times - 25 years of service on the front lines with the media, the UN and the public"

Peter Lerner was the Spokesperson for the IDF involved with crisis communication responses to terrorist incidents, counselling senior command leadership regarding media activity and developing a media strategy. He has recently retired from the IDF with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

He has 25 years of service with the IDF in the field of media and public relations, proactively communicating Israel's defense strategy, policy and fast paced developments on the ground.

Lerner played a pivotal role in handling many of the day-to-day events, including crafting and designing the message, content creation and oversight of project management, acting as the main contact
for day-to-day work on the threshold of crisis, and the lead spokesman in the ‘hot-seat’. His career encompassed the domestic media, the leading global media, and International Organizations. He also
developed and broadened the IDF social media presence.


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