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ESRA Haifa 'Hamas Jihad' with Yisrael Neeman

ESRA Haifa Branch invites you to a talk on
Hamas,Jihad, and its danger to Israel and the West.

with Guest Speaker Yisrael Ne'eman

Political analyst Yisrael Ne'eman, will explain the historical and current challenges and dangers faced by Jews, Israel, and the West from Hamas-inspired Arab/Muslim Terrorists.

Yisrael Neéman moved to Israel in 1977 and served in the IDF from 1978 to  1980 and then as a medic reservist for many years. He received his BA in Middle Eastern Studies, and then completed an MA in Modern Jewish History at Haifa University, where he is also a lecturer specializing in the Middle East Conflict, Jihad and History of the Jewish people. Yisrael became a National Tour Guide and  together with his son Alon, guides tours throughout Israel.

The family lives in Eshchar in the Lower Galilee, a mixed secular/religious community. Yisrael and his wife Susan have four children.

He has recently written and published his first book, "Hamas Jihad: Antisemitism, Islamic World Conquest and Manipulation of Palestinian Nationalism"


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Central Carmel
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Melvyn or Harry
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