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Benefit Gala Evening at Zappa Haifa on Sunday 26th ‎March

News Date: 
30. March 2017 - 8:00
Zappa in Haifa generously hosted a most successful show to raise money for the ESRA ‎Haifa Branch support of a project for children with ‎learning difficulties.‎

It all started when one of the Branch’s founding members, ‎Doreen Finegold, was telling her son Noam, (who together ‎with his brother Yoni and sister Ruti own the Zappa clubs in ‎Israel) of the volunteer work she and the other ESRA Haifa ‎committee members were doing to help children with LD from ‎families who could not afford private tuition to help to ‎achieve the Bagrut. ‎

Noam suggested the possibility of having an evening at the ‎local Zappa club to raise funds for this project, which was ‎immediately welcomed by the ESRA Haifa committee.  ‎

The ESRA office fixed a date and performers were selected. ‎Zappa generously offered to donate the total proceeds of ticket ‎sales to ESRA Haifa’s education project, and also arranged for ‎the performers to donate their services free of charge. An ‎entrance fee of  NIS 170 was agreed upon, and the evening ‎was advertised extensively.‎

Doors opened at 8pm when guests could order food food and ‎drink, and soon all the tables were occupied. Sunny ‎Marshansky, ESRA’s new General Manager, opened the ‎evening with a welcome to the guests and a short film about ‎ESRA’s work was shown.‎

Harry Hiller, local vice-chairman of Haifa Branch, gratefully ‎thanked the Zappa family and the performers for their ‎generous sponsorship of this Gala event, well appreciated by ‎the audience.‎
Before the show, Doreen, Harry and Baruch Tanaman (ESRA ‎Chairman) went backstage to thank the performers. Doreen ‎presented each artist with one of her own beautiful hand-made ‎ceramic  animals, while Harry presented each artist with an ‎original mounted watercolour painting created by his artist ‎wife Marion.‎

Miri Mesika’s opening performance was very well received -  ‎especially by the younger members of the audience who knew ‎all the words and joined in with all the songs.‎

Next artist was Harel Skaat who was mobbed by all the ‎younger young ladies in the audience as again they all joined ‎in with his well known repertoire.‎

The last singer was the very popular Nathan Goshen who gave ‎his all to entertain the full house.‎

Thanks to the photographer Eyal Ashkenazi who captured the memory of our very enjoyable ‎and entertaining evening.

Submitted by Harry Hiller‎