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Bat Mitzvah Time Again!‎

News Date: 
8. August 2017 - 8:00
The trend today is either to take a family trip overseas and/or to organise a large party!  But what happens when you can do neither? Thanks to our wonderful donors, our 12 year old girls in the Students ‎Build a Community Projects in Netanya, had an evening to ‎remember.‎

Our 24 Bat Mitzvah girls from the 4 neighborhoods of Hefzibah, Neot Shaked, Sela and Nordau arrived beautifully dressed for the occasion, accompanied by their mothers and ‎sisters to help them celebrate. ‎

Eitan the balloon wizard, had decorated the hall with ‎giant balloon flowers, and posters with photos of the girls were laid out on the stage ready for their friends to write ‎their wishes for them. ‎

batmmums.jpgOur party tradition of creating candle holders kept the girls and their mothers busy smoothing the excess stone to make beautiful shiny smooth candle holders, and a short power point presentation showed each girl who spoke about her dreams for ‎the future. ‎

The ceremony of "hafrashat challah" was movingly conducted by Zehava and Yaffa - and  the girls, with the help of their Moms, each prepared her own challah plait. The girls lit candles in their new holders and made a personal wish and a prayer. ‎

The exciting atmosphere was enhanced by the presence of ESRA volunteers and ‎donors, by the participation of the mothers who supplied delicious Ethiopian food of ‎injira together with the traditional sauces, and by the beautiful hand-made birthday cake.
Our thanks go to our major sponsor of the evening, Jan Gaines, both for supporting the ‎evening and for joining us; to the Neot Ganim Community Center for their lovely hall, to Natali ‎Jewelry Design for the beautiful bracelets given to the girls, to Juliette Rostowsky for the ‎delicious cake, to Shir Lavy for the Power Point Presentation; to the ESRA members who ‎joined us and showed the community that we are right there with them, to Tal Zuck who took ‎these lovely photos, to Ilan the Handyman who always supplies us with chairs and tables for ‎our events, and mostly to our wonderful students who were so active throughout the ‎evening, making sure that the girls and their mothers had a good time and that the hall was left ‎clean and ready for the next day.‎

Our Bat Mitzvah girls and their mothers went home knowing that they are loved and cared ‎for and can dream of a brighter future.‎

Written by Nina Zuck.‎    
Photos by Tal Zuck